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Why we need AI for gifting?

AI is everywhere now. From autonomous driving to predicting march madness brackets. What struck me is the run of AI towards solving the most driven issue, but putting a lesser concentration on addressing relatively smaller but the critical issues of life. One such issue is gifting.

Gifting is one of the most practiced activities throughout the year. Each year we spend hours to figure out the best gift for our friends, family members, and colleagues. It’s not an easy task to comb through thousands of online listings in Amazon or relevant e-commerce sites. We always fall into the “paralysis of choice”, a basic human nature. Paralysis of choice is nothing but the negative effect of too much choice on making a final decision. AI can help in making the decision-making process easier by incorporating consumer data and narrow down a few select gifts by understanding the personality of the receiver of the gift. That’s what we are doing at We are asking consumers a few questions to understand the personality of their gift receiver and use a proprietary AI technology to rank the gifts based on the personality trait that our system figures out.

Try Personalization with AI now. We assure you a pure fun way of selecting gifts.