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How It Works is committed to changing the way you think about the gifting. We will provide you the best gifting experience of your life. Our one-of-a-kind AI algorithm will help you to pick a "personality-tailored" gift with few clicks in less than a minute. Our gift reminder system will enable you to set a reminder at any time, and we will help you in the process of gift selection. We intend to create a gift calendar for you, and we want to work on the calendar to make your gifting experience super convenient.

How we automate your gifting experience

We don't mean to automate your emotions; we intend to automate the process. We believe you will feel more loved by showing appreciation, and we want you to help with that. You can automate gifting in simple few steps. 

First, create an account.

Second, create a reminder.

Third, use "personalize with AI" tool to pick a gift

Fourth, pick the gift and click "Add to Reminder". This will route your gift to the reminder page. Select the appropriate reminder you want to associate with the gift.

That's it! We will remind you 2-weeks ahead of time about the event and the associated gift. We will give enough time to make the final decision to approve or change the gift. Once you approve, we will pack and send the gift to your favorite people.

How gift AI personalization work
The artificial intelligence (AI) technology is built on hundreds if not thousands of consumer behavior data based on high quality academic social studies and available consumer purchase data. The AI system will ask you a few questions to understand the personality of the person you are sending the gift. Based on your answers, it will not only select a few types of gifts, but also rank the gifts. The gift ranking system is the novel approach of gift personalization, and to the best of our knowledge, there is no service that can rank gifts as efficiently as we are doing.

Why gift personalization matter
First and foremost, everybody loves a good gift. The definition of a "good" gift is subjective, and it is ultimately dependent on someone's personality. The AI gift pesonalization tool will understand someone's personality and tap in the best gift to match the personality. One one-of-a-kind gift ranking system will show the most suitable gifts on the top.

Why gift ranking is important and how it is done
We don't want to throw you in a "paralysis of choice". Most of the gift platforms, including Amazon shows you hundreds of gift options even after you do selective filtering. We believe those are not only inconvenient but also doing a disservice to your time and not really helping you to pick the "good" gift. We created a unique gift ranking system that will rank the most suitable gifts on the top of the list. We will only show 5-10 gits for your pick, not hundreds. If you can't pick a gift from the top 10 based on AI algorithm recommendation, then maybe the engine is not working well for you. We will then redirect you to our product page, and you can use simple filtering options to pick a gift of your choice. We don't want to push you the AI-based gift selection unless you feel that it found the perfect gift for you.